As required by Missouri law, an independent, non partisan board of Boone County citizens will be created to disburse the funds.  The Board will consist of volunteers from community who are concerned about the welfare of our children; board members will not receive compensation for their work (administrative costs will be less than 3%).  As individuals are identified to serve on the board, their names will be posted on this website.

The Board will disburse funds according to:

  1.  The needs identified within the community
  2.  The quality of programs.

All applicants to the fund must be public or non-profit entities that can demonstrate effective and efficient use of funds with measurable outcomes and results.

In accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law, all board meetings will be open to the public (all who are interested will be encouraged to attend) and minutes from the meetings will be available for review.  This board will be audited each year by an independent auditor to make certain that the money is spent on effective and efficient programming, according to the needs identified within the community.

For more information on the Missouri Statutes regarding the Board of Directors, please see: