Putting Kids First is a bi-partisan, non-sectarian effort whose sole purpose is to support the mental health and well-being of our children and youth.   The campaign was initiated by a group of non-profit agencies serving children and families in Boone County; agencies that witnessed time and time again, children that needed help being turned away because of a lack of funding.

For over 2 years, a group of over 20 providers, schools and the Boone County Mental Health Board have been meeting to discuss the gaps in mental health services to children and families.  A needs assessment was completed by the University of Missouri Institute of Public Policy in August 2011.  Data was collected from over 20 agencies, schools, surveys and existing public data.  Polling was conducted in January 2012 by Dr. Terry Jones, University of Missouri St. Louis, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Administration.  The results show that 65% of those polled support the initiative.

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Non-profit mental health service providers involved in the initiative include the following agencies: