On November 6th, Boone County voters Put our Kids First. Again, thank you all for your kind words, support, many hours of work and dedication to this initiative.  Together we will make Boone County a safer and better place for children and families.


Families in Boone County are falling through the cracks! Reduced funding for mental health services has left thousands of children and families with nowhere to turn for help.

Putting Kids First is a county wide initiative to establish a Community Children’s Service Fund in Boone County to make sure that all kids have a place to go when they need help ….and just as importantly, to make sure that all kids have the support and resources available to help protect them against child abuse, neglect, substance abuse, homelessness and other harmful situations.

In order to achieve this, Boone County is looking towards the incredible efforts and amazing successes of other counties throughout the state.  St. Charles County, Lincoln County, Jefferson County, Lafayette County, St. Louis County and the city of St. Louis have all passed local tax initiatives that have helped provide necessary funding for programs and services that protect their children and prevent against future problems.  Likewise, all seven have experienced steady / significant improvements in these areas.

A 1/4 cent increase in the Boone County sales tax rate (only one penny for every four dollars spent!) will raise approximately $5.4 million that stays here in Boone County, to provide care that our children and youth so desperately need. Please support the effort to Put Kids First!

Here’s one family’s story about the need for prevention in our community.  Please visit the to learn about their mission for suicide prevention for Boone County youth Top article.